Sony’s colorful blue, pink and purple PS5 controllers are now available

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Sony’s colorful new PS5 controllers are now available to purchase, and they’re already proving popular with consumers. 

The Nova Pink and Starlight Blue PS5 DualSense controllers were set to release on January 28 in the US, but are now available earlier than expected at the Sony Direct Store (you can still pre-order them at Amazon, if you’d prefer). The new pads were always scheduled for January 14 in the UK, and you can now pick one up. 

The Starlight Blue model has already made it to number one in Amazon’s best sellers list in PS5 controllers in the UK, and number one in new releases in the US.

The pink and blue DualSense controllers join the standard white DualSense controller that’s been available since November 2020, as well as the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red variants that were released in June 2021. 

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If you’ve had your eye on the Waluigi-esque Galactic Purple, you’ll have to purchase it from Sony’s PlayStation Direct store as it isn’t available from other retailers.

The three PS5 DualSense colors match the new PS5 console covers that let you customize your console. Starlight Blue, Nova Pink, Cosmic Red, Galactic Purple, and Midnight Black versions are all available, so you can say goodbye to the divisive white color scheme once and for all. (Unless you already bought a set of Darkplates from dbrand, that is.)

If you’re interested in either the Nova Pink or Starlight Blue PS5 DualSense controllers, you can grab them using the links below:

PS5 DualSense Nova Pink pre-order (US)

PS5 DualSense Nova Pink pre-order (UK)

PS5 DualSense Starlight Blue pre-order (US)

PS5 DualSense Starlight Blue pre-order (UK)

Analysis: 2022 is promising for PS5 owners

After a rather disappointing end to 2021, PS5 owners have a lot to look forward to this year. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection drops on January 28, and Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7 are set to release on February 18 and March 4 respectively.

We’re also expecting to see Sony release the PSVR 2 towards the end of the year, which sounds like an impressive VR headset based on the specs Sony shared during CES 2022.

Of course, the biggest obstacle that Sony’s facing is getting PS5 consoles into consumers’ hands. While supply has improved, it’s still frustratingly difficult to find PlayStation 5 units in stock. Still, it’s nice to see Sony creating more custom controllers.

If you’re having trouble finding a PS5, check out our where to buy PS5 page for all the latest updates on PlayStation 5 stock.

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