We found the cheapest 32in monitor in the world and it is massive

Getting the right amount of visibility can be key for many workers today, especially if you’re managing multiple documents or dashboards.

Whilst not everyone needs a 40-inch 4K monitor for their business like we’ve covered recently, there’s still good value to be had if you want something slightly more compact.

If your office desk is smaller you may instead want to go for a full HD monitor like this Sceptre X325BV from Walmart. At $118 with free delivery to the US, it’s only slightly more expensive than full HD screen a quarter of its size – as this is a 31.5-inch LED screen.


You don’t actually need a stand as you will be able to wall mount it thanks to its VESA bracket. It is not particularly thin (who cares at this price) but is surprisingly well kitted in terms of connectivity option. Just keep your expectations in check.

There’s a headphone socket, an audio in, an SPDIF optical connector, a full array of composite/component ports, three HDMI ports with one of them supporting MHL which means that you should be able to plug in compatible smartphones.

It even has a VGA connector, great for legacy systems, and a USB port that provides up to 2.5W. All in all, it makes a great interactive display for shops or a monitor for security systems on a bargain.

If you have room and extra budget, we’d still suggest the Element 40″ 4K monitor for just under $160 at Walmart.

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