Instagram’s New App, Whistle-Blower Protocol, and More News

Instagram has a new way for you to message your besties, we looked into the credibility of the Ukraine whistle-blower, and trillions of microplastic particles are floating into the San Francisco Bay. Here’s the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

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Today’s Headlines

Instagram’s new app, Threads, is just for your inner circle

If you open Threads, Instagram’s newest companion app, you’ll find it looks a whole lot like the direct messages tab on Instagram. That’s by design: You use your Instagram credentials to log in, but in Threads, the only people who can message you are the people from your imported “Close Friends” list. The idea is to have a sacred space for you and your besties, without all the clutter and notifications of Instagram proper.

The Ukraine whistle-blower did everything right

For weeks, President Trump and his defenders have attempted to derail the credibility of a whistle-blower who filed a complaint about the president’s behavior. So, are Trump’s claims true? Did the whistle-blower follow protocol the way they should have? “I’ve been working with whistle-blowers for 40 years,” says Tom Devine, legal director at the Government Accountability Project, a whistle-blower protection and advocacy organization. “I’ve never seen a disclosure which was handled more flawlessly, and more scrupulously followed the rules, than this one.”

Fast Fact: 7 Trillion

That’s how many particles of microplastic pollute the San Francisco Bay each year. Much of the debris likely comes from car tires, and treated wastewater contributes another 17 billion particles, largely from synthetic fibers in clothing. The particles were found everywhere: from the surface to sediments to fish.

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