Vandalized my car in Nice, but who cares? Thanks Port Lympia Parking

Bad news from Riviera, if you think to leave your car unattended. In Port Lympia Parking in Nice! Not on the street…

I just left my car in front of their desk office, as usual, with my truly expensive montly subscription and voilà someone vandalizes my car in less than a day, probably with a camper or a lorry and here it is the result:image012.jpg

You could think: “hey, probably they can find out who it was, how many trucks comes and go from the parking, but they don’t care“.

Ops I forgot, they didn’t care either when the car alarm started of after the impact, when their front desk is 5 metres away.

Ops I forgot again, they are not assuredsorry Sir, luckily was not damaged the bentley beside my car… this time.

So in few words beware of the Port Lympia Parking in Nice and share my experience, to save others or at least push them to care of the cars they store.

Screenshot 2018-05-03 09.51.28
Find your spot to damage your car…

Have a good day everyone!