Smart display button puts GIFs on your shirt

The odds are that you’ve shown your support for a cause with a button on your shirt or backpack at some point in your life. But there’s only so much button real estate you can offer, isn’t there? That’s where BEAM Authentic thinks it can save the day. Its BEAM button pairs to your phone through an app and lets you display virtually any image you want on its circular AMOLED screen, including slideshows and GIFs. You could promote an environmental cause one hour and a dank meme the next.

Also, you’re not just limited to your own creations. You can find buttons art from others’ collections, follow creators you like, receive streams and send conversations. And yes, there are paid buttons — you can donate to a cause at the same time as you endorse it. The button might even get you out of trouble, as you there’s a panic mode that will send an emergency message and your location to as many as four other people.

The BEAM button is available now, but there’s a catch: it’s $99. That can buy a lot of conventional buttons, and those won’t run out of energy. You’ll contribute $3 to a charity when you buy, though, and this is certainly a viable option if you’d rather draw your own artwork than track down an elusive button that expresses your exact thoughts.

Solid State Drives Power Gaming Championships In Beijing — And High-End Gaming At Home

Attorneys general request last-minute delay for net neutrality vote

You need to give up your continued support for removal of communication rights. NN helps insures communication rights in same way the US constitution helps insure rights.But knowing you, you would prefer to repeal the constitution as well.

Firefox faces backlash for auto-installing ‘Mr. Robot’ add-on

This is really really stupid. Like REALLY stupid. There’s possibly nothing that Mozilla that could have done that would have been more damaging to their reputation. Even auto-installing actual malware wouldn’t be worse (although certainly not better) because they just demonstrated not only the ability, but also their willingness to betray their users’ trust.Good job, Mozilla. You were winning back the hearts of nerds with your new Quantum engine in Firefox, but that effort is probably all scattered to the winds now.

The iMac Pro is fast, but who is it for?

Great write up as usual Dana. I just can’t wrap my head around who would spend $5000 on $2000 worth of hardware…but as you’ve pointed out I guess there is niche demand for this type of system running OSX.Yet, going the iMac-esque route for a professional product is so strange. Bringing back the G5-era chassis would undoubtedly be best for prosumers but then Apple can’t control the upgrade path (or lack thereof.)

iTunes isn’t coming to the Windows Store this year after all

There are significant challenges when one tries to port poorly written software into the nice, structured, sandboxed Microsoft Store.  I look forward to seeing the first usable version if iTunes.

The FCC’s ‘Harlem Shake’ video may violate copyright law

Well, he doesn’t seem to care about anything else so why would he care about copyright?

LG’s refreshed Gram laptops get a quad-core processor bump

I’m no video rendering, 3d graphics, 4k gaming hero with a serious IT Job demanding game ending computing power. I just want that sweet spot between long battery life and portability. I back and forth commute by train and do a full days work in advertising (email, web browsing, MS office applications) and I don’t consider taking my charger with me. LG Gram 15 inch non-touch screen 2017. Now LG have increased the battery size. Heaven.

CDC barred from using terms like ‘science-based’ in budget docs

Ridiculous? I would say it’s absolutely insane. If these responsible administration officials were treated with medical practices from ancient times, they would ask for science based medicine pretty quickly.

Samsung reportedly eyes first half of 2018 for smart speaker debut

Bixby is amazing. Unlike other gloried talking search engines, it does actual tasks and routines for you. What good is an assistant if it only give you information and doesnt do things FOR you. Bixby is the first TRUE AI agent.

Apple signs ‘Battlestar Galactica’ developer for new space drama

Good news. I enjoyed his work on BSG. In fact, I’m currently on Daybreak Part 1, my fourth time through the series.

Sky’s restructured TV pricing is simpler and more flexible

Its a bit much having to pay an extra £5 quid to have kids entertainment added. Have a heart Sky.

Microsoft unveils improved AI-powered search features for Bing

Wrong. I use Bing and I’m not old. The best part is the Rewards/points which I’ve redeemed for Starbucks, Amazon gift cards, and Xbox Live memberships. I can’t tell the difference between Bing’s search results and Google’s

YouTube took down FCC’s ‘Harlem Shake’ video for 7 hours

The DMCA was created for the sole purpose of vendettas. It’s purpose was to take out artists who went self-published instead of continuing with the studio. Since DMCA by nature requires that the one hosting the content validate the copyright instead of an actual agency. Most outlets can’t afford to do that and take down the content that is DMCA’d without question. So RIAA has used it plenty of times to attack self-published authors and they didn’t even need to provide proof that they owned the copyright because again, no one checks. Aka DMCA was a terrible law from the get-go.That said, it’s questionable if Ajit’s thing qualifies as fair use due to it not parodying it in-itself (a grey area) The courts will probably have to decide on this one.

Google won’t show news from sites that hide their country of origin

And for the one’s that show US, they’ll be tagged: we’re sorry.

North Korea hackers steal bitcoin by targeting currency insiders

The headline is wrong. They TRY to steal Bitcoin. The article doesn’t say that they were successful. Engadget, please insert try to between hackers and steal in the headline, or I will call the police.