13 Awesome Gift Ideas for Board Game Lovers (2019)

We are living in the golden age of TV. (Have you seen The Mandalorian yet?) But we’re also living in the golden age of board and tabletop games. More people than ever before are flocking to local game shops to pick up obscure board games or check out the latest Dungeons & Dragons sourcebooks.

Still, even if you’re an avid board gamer yourself, it can be tough to decide what to buy for someone who loves board games or tabletop games. Everyone has different tastes, and board gamers are a finicky lot. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you walk into a game shop to pick up some [...]  ...

20 Gifts for Xbox One Owners: Games, Controllers, Headsets, and More

The Xbox has a storied place in videogame history. It helped usher in the modern era of gaming, with titles like Halo introducing mechanics that would define games for years to come. Now, Xbox players (Xboxers? Xboxeteers?) have more entertainment options than ever, which can make it hard to buy for them. But whether your recipient is running down aliens on a ringworld or taking their talents for mayhem to the high seas, there’s bound to be something in this list they’ll love.

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Best Wireless Gaming Headsets (2019): PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

If you want to play games online, you need a headset—and not the junky one that came with your Xbox One or PS4. Get a wireless gaming headset instead. With prices under $100, they’re affordable and offer freedom that wired headsets don’t. For the past two years, we’ve tested dozens of headsets to pull together this list of the best wireless gaming headsets—from premium picks to the best value—for each system.

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The 9 Best Gifts for the PC Gamer in Your Life

Shopping for a PC gamer is a perilous endeavor. It’s easy to be led astray by well-meaning retail associates eager to make a sale. PC gamers are also a notoriously fickle lot. But what is a PC gamer but an adventurer—a reclusive one perhaps, but an adventurer nonetheless!

So, to help out anyone looking to pick up some gifts for the PC gamer in their life this holiday season, we put together a simple guide. Each item on this list should be welcomed by PC adventurers of every stripe.

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6 Best Gaming Laptops for Every Kind of Player (2019)

Choosing a gaming laptop is a lot like putting together a well-balanced adventuring party. You need to look at what you’re going to use it for, what kinds of quests you’ll tackle, and try and match their capabilities to your needs—without emptying your coin purse. To that end, weary traveler, we took it upon ourselves to source the latest and greatest gaming laptops from forges large and small. We gathered them in our keep, ran them through a variety of tests to sort the god-rolls from the vendor trash. Here they are, the best gaming laptops for every kind of player.

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