1. Well, but this test shouldn’t be done during August; culturally speaking Italians are all at the sea side in those days… I would be interested to check how the same test, let’s say, at the end of September will perform. I guess it will be similar but maybe not so extreme (seconds vs hours).

  2. Actually, ExpressVPN does offer a free trial for Android and iOS. That’s how I initially signed up.

  3. Ended up going with ExpressVPN because I read they were one of the fastest and they don’t keep logs. So far so good!

  4. Considering cheap and expensive Dj headphones, what could be the difference. can you get a cheap headphone which will offer good performance than an expensive one?

  5. Hey, I am a 14 year old and wrote my first blog today about my experience with bitcoin. I would really appreciate it if you read it and commented what you thought. Thanks

  6. Ma certo che crescono, purtroppo io credo che si stia un po esagerando in italia sinceramente. Bell’articolo complimenti.

  7. Here we go. The orange WH occupant now putting out clearly untrue propaganda about Bezos, the owner of the Amazon and The Washington Post, in order to damage one of his detractors. The occupant is using all the dictator tricks he can to end democracy. I find myself praying for things that are clearly not Christian.

  8. I just can’t stand facebook and to know that they own Instagram really piss me off. The way they try to make people feel unsecure is just ridiculous. Good post and thanks for sharing

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  10. I don’t think they will do a great job with that. I think they made a big mistake inventing “Pokemon Go” because they hypnotized several thousands people with a game and they made children and especially teens like robots and that’s disgusting. Personally I never agreed with that game and with “augmented reality”, except for militar uses. I hope they will stop updating that kind of system, because they will create “human robots” instead of real people.

  11. invece a una cerimonia antifascista vedo bene quel venduto di Sala(m), uomo della Moratti, diventato improvvisamente di sinistra per salvarsi dai 14 capi d’accusa dell’Expo… sta proprio In una botte di ferro.

  12. tutta gente che non ha niente da fare?
    200 persone sarebbero gli unici che votano PD?

  13. quindi è razzismo perchè lo striscione è bianco oppure perchè l’immigrazione è una razza?

  14. google has a big problem with vpn, the more people uses the more google advertising gets damaged because it distracts results since people are changing their location and they can’t show the ads relevant to the target, so it is possible that they’re trying to overcome this issue. This makes google even less trusted I would still not recommend to use any google products and better get something like nordvpn because you won’t be safe otherwise. Google will track your location and collect your data.

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  16. RGHE theory says the atmosphere performs similar to a greenhouse, “trapping” energy making the “with” it atmosphere 33 C warmer than “without” it, i.e. 288 K – 255 K.
    The 288 K is a WAG pulled out of WMO’s butt. The 255 K is an unrelated S-B calculation for the average 240 W/m^2 OLR at ToA (got it? w/ atmos!!) requiring a 30% albedo.
    The earth w/o atmosphere cannot have a 30% albedo, more likely 14% like the moon.
    The atmosphere is not like a greenhouse, it is like that reflective panel you put behind your car’s windshield. By reflecting away 30% of the ISR the w/ atmosphere COOLS the earth compared to w/o.
    In actual physical and mathematical fact removing the atmosphere exposes the earth to 20% to 40% more kJ/h and the ASR temperature increases 20 C to 30 C. That’s warmer not colder.
    The greenhouse effect does not exist and 30 years of crap science stacked upon it goes straight in the trash.
    (If you don’t understand the acronyms maybe you should do the homework.)

  17. The Xbox consoles have progressed so far. It feels like the May release is just around the corner too. I never thought that this would occur within this console generation. Digital or physical people will likely still play video games in the future. Furthermore, I wonder what the Xcloud project is like?

  18. Scandaloso che in Italia si possa catalogare come colposo o preterintenzionale l’atto di uno che deliberatamente va addosso a due persone uccidendole. Auspico, in futuro, che vi saranno leggi e giudici molto più severi, così che certe azioni siano severamente punite

  19. You aren’t missing anything on this one. Love is Blind, however, was one of the better reality TV fares. It at least seemed sort of genuine.

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