“Greenground IT is THE site for those of us who work and live on the move. Perhaps out of coffee shops or airports. Or, maybe those who drag their office around with them in a rucksack. Greenground IT is specifically catered for the mobile warrior.

Greenground IT’s great for sharing content. We, as digital nomads can go there, participate in and read posts that might interest us and learn all about exciting projects and tools that we can use, to make our lives easier and news reading faster.

This is going to be a fascinating project to observe and participate in #letskeepitweird”

“Today’s 24-hour news cycle produces a vast amount of publicly available information about events occurring all over the globe.

Imagine the data that is produced in a single hour, let alone in a single day.

Now imagine having the responsibility of distilling that data into actionable information for a single team or individual. It would quickly become overwhelming!

We want to deliver continuously updated news and related content to all the people around the world. In this case, data is consumed from a diverse set of public news sources and then combined and presented to users in a single location using AI and Automation”


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