Cade Cunningham Reveals The Biggest Thing He Learned His Rookie Year –

Cade Cunningham was an All-Rookie selection, and many believed that he should have been the Rookie of the Year. Cunningham had a productive first season in the league, averaging 17.4 PPG, 5.5 RPG, and 5.6 APG.

In a recent interview with Deyscha Smith of Slam Magazine, Cade Cunningham revealed the biggest thing he learned during his rookie year. Cunningham stated that he learned that “nobody will care” about things that he does until the team starts winning more:

He’s had conversations with Pistons Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas about leadership and what it takes to bring a team together. He’s well aware, too, of what it’ll take to earn respect.

“I think the biggest thing I learned is that the League, the media, nobody will care until you’re winning,” he tells SLAM. “I could feel bad for myself all I want about [how] people didn’t respect or appreciate the season I had, or anything, but I didn’t win a lot of games. So, I think that’s been the biggest thing that I’ve locked in on and I decided within. I have to win games if I want people to respect my name, and if not, then I can’t be mad at people not watching enough games and how I really play. That’s the challenge that I’ve tried to take on. I’ve talked to teammates [and] we’re all trying to take that challenge on. I think that’s the next step for us.” 

There is no doubt that Cade Cunningham had a solid enough individual year, but the Detroit Pistons were unfortunately a tanking team. However, they should be better next season as their young players develop.

Cade Cunningham has already shown some flashes during his short tenure with the Detroit Pistons. Some believe that he will be a multiple-time All-Star, and this season suggests that he’s well on his way.

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