Travel against Putin: Germany encourages pensioners to holiday in Spain to save on …

A GERMAN travel association has come up with a wheeze to reduce its country’s reliance on Russian gas – give pensioners cash for an extended stay in Mallorca.

“If Germany paid a subsidy of €500 for these trips many citizens would extend their holidays in Mallorca and could reduce the consumption of local heating” claimed the president of the association Marina Linnhoff.

“Travelling against Putin is better than freezing because of him,” she added.

Palma de Mallorca in Spain. Image from Cordon Press.

The association claims it is a way to reduce energy consumption during winter, a time when gas may be scarce as a result of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Winter is very cold in Germany, the average temperature can be around 2°C or 3°C, while in Mallorca in the same period it is around 12°C.

But the cost of the proposal – estimated by the minister of tourism at €10 billion – may put the German government off the idea.


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