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The only thing missing from Abby Steiner’s resume (and how she can get it)

She’s already one of the most-decorated athletes in UK Athletics history, but there’s one major accomplishment still missing from her resume. Abby Steiner, who is the current American, collegiate, SEC and Kentucky record holder in the indoor 200 meter dash, has never won an outdoor SEC championship title. That could change this weekend.

Even for her, it won’t be easy. As head coach Lonnie Greene says, the SEC Championship is a “blood bath,” one that’s typically even tougher than the NCAA Championship.

The good news? Steiner has fully recovered from the injury that held her back from an outdoor title last season, she’ll be pushed by some of the best competition in the country, and she has “her biggest fan” as her head coach. Maggie Davis has the story for BBN Tonight.

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