President Of Spain Promises To Double Arms Shipment On Visit To Ukraine

Date Published: 21/04/2022

Sánchez has promised Spain will supply 200 tonnes of weapons to the war effort

President of Spain promises to double arms shipment on visit to Ukraine
The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, has reaffirmed the country’s support of Ukraine by announcing on a visit to Kyiv on Thursday April 21 that Spain will double its delivery of weapons to the war-torn nation in the “largest shipment made to date.”

In addition, the president has agreed to offer the expertise of Spanish crime experts from the Ministry of the Interior to assist Ukraine in the International Criminal Court’s action against Vladimir Putin.

“Being here gives me a clearer perspective of what is at risk and makes me more determined about the need to support Ukraine,” the president said, adding that he will return to Spain “with a testimony of hope and rejection and indignation at the atrocities committed in the war.”

President Sánchez also confirmed that the Spanish Embassy in Kyiv is due to reopen, though this hasn’t happened during his visit to the Ukrainian capital.

Image: Pedro Sánchez


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