My Speedy Recovery: Food Poisoning Abroad Is Still A Thing – Live and Let's Fly

Just an update to my personal health trials. Earlier in the week, I wrote to you from my bed at the Four Seasons in Istanbul, sick as a dog. I’m happy to report I recovered very quickly and have to conclude that it was food poisoning…though it certainly gave me a scare.

Food Poisoning Abroad: Riding It Out

Let’s review the timeline. In the evening I ate dinner, feeling great. Three hours later, I felt nauseated and bloated, with a strong urge to vomit. I almost induced it by placing a finger in my throat since my stomach was so tumultuous, but instead decided I would just let it come naturally. It never did, which probably prolonged my suffering.

I slept, hoping I’d feel better in the morning. Nope, I woke up the next morning and felt the same. I just remained in bed and ordered a PCR COVID-19 test from the hotel because these days we think everything is COVID-19. A lady in a hazmat suit swabbed my mouth and nose and promised the results in a few hours.

They arrived, negative. This wasn’t a surprise because I still just wanted to vomit…it felt like food poisoning.

Meanwhile, the frequent trips to the restroom were dehydrating me, but even sipping water upset my stomach further.

So I slept some more. A whole lot more, for me at least.

Early the next morning, I woke up…and felt great. I was hungry, though I did not eat just yet.

I took another COVID-19 test. Negative. For good measure, I took an at-home test…negative.

Feeling 100%, I ventured outside for some fresh air and enjoyed a strong cappuccino and a smoothie.

(one nice thing about staying at the Four Seasons Istanbul at the Bosphorus, and most other Four Seasons for that matter, is that you can request things like custom smoothies)

I rounded out breakfast with a bowl of berries, which is really sad considering the hotel offers such an amazing breakfast spread, but I did not want to push myself and was able to keep it down fine.


I’m feeling 100% better and all symptoms have dissipated. Getting sick is never fun and getting sick while traveling is even worse. But whatever I had, which seems likely to be food poisoning or some sort of 24-hour stomach bug, has now passed.

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