Visible Wireless is now offering a handy 15-day free trial for new users

Interested in trying out Visible Wireless? You’re in luck – the prepaid carrier has just launched a new 15-day free trial program to entice over new prospective customers.

Available for iPhones exclusively, users need only scan the QR code on the Visible free trial landing page with their camera app to get started. Note, unlike other prepaid free trails, no physical SIM card is needed here as it’s all done via eSIM. 

All iPhones from the iPhone XR onwards are compatible with eSIMs, so you should be good to go if you have a fairly recent device. As of yet, no Android devices are supported with this Visible free trial, so unfortunately you’ll have to sit this one out if you’re currently using an Android as your daily driver.

Device exclusions aside, this is a great way to check out one of the best prepaid plans on the market currently. Not only can you get an unlimited plan for $25 per month via Visible’s Party Pay feature but it also operates on the larger Verizon network, so 5G coverage is generally fairly good for most people. Either way, you don’t need to input any card details to try this free trial so it’s a fairly risk-free way to try out Visible.

Visible Wireless free trial

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