Rare HBO Max deal slashes the price down to just $7.99 a month

If you’re looking to add HBO Max to your streaming lineup, then today is your lucky day. HBO Max just launched a deal that slashes the monthly price down to $7.99 a month for an entire year. That’s a 20% discount that applies to both the Ad and Ad-free plans and is available for new and past subscribers.

The standard monthly price is $9.99 (with Ads), which means you’ll save $24 over 12 months with today’s deal. If you’d rather pay for the whole year, the 20% discount still applies and brings the price down to $99.99 or $149.99 (Ad-free). Something to keep in mind, the Ad-free plan includes 2021 Warner Bros. movies and access to 4K UHD streaming, so if that’s important to you, then we suggest upgrading to the platform’s premium tier.

This limited-time offer from HBO Max is a fantastic opportunity to begin binging this year’s hottest shows, including Succession, Just Like That, and Euphoria, to name a few. HBO Max deals are a rare occurrence, so we’d snap up this bargain before it ends on January 25.

HBO Max deal

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