Three Argentines created a startup and will work in Silicon Valley with the promoters of … Innovation

2022 starts with good news for Argentine startups. Celeri, a company created by three young people from the country, was selected to participate in the Y Combinator program, an incubator in Silicon Valley, California, which helped in the development of Featured companies like Airbnb, Coinbase, and Dropbox and was highlighted by Forbes as one of the most important in its field.

As indicated by the Y Combinatori incubator, the Argentine startup will receive during the program advice to continue with technical development and also help to obtain investments in the United States that allow it to grow. In this case, the national company seeks to offer technological tools to finance companies to comply with national regulations. In the case of Argentina, the AFIP, the Central Bank, the National Securities Commission and the Financial Information Unit.

Celeri, the Argentine startup chosen by the Y Combinator incubator, was developed by industrial engineers, Mathias Caramutti and Lucas Ranallo, and the electronics engineer, Bernardo Michel. All of them are graduates of the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires and created the company in 2021.

“This undertaking aims to help financial companies scale their operations complying with the regulations in force of institutions such as the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP), the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic, the National Securities Commission (CNV) and the Financial Information Unit (UIF) “, they explain about the startup. And they add: “For this we offer tools in the cloud to simplify the KYC & AML processes and the monitoring of regulatory obligations. “

“The three of us met in the ITBA entrance course and having studied in such a stimulating environment planted the seed for us to undertake together,” they indicated about the beginning of the project. “” We know that there is enormous talent and without going any further today we are already 9 graduates and university students in the team“they continued.

On the other hand, all three stressed that being able to enter Y Combinator is a big boost. “For us it is a huge milestone to participate in the most recognized acceleration program in the world and it fills us with challenges for the year that has just started. We seek to make the most of it to consolidate our presence in the Argentine market and open doors throughout Latin America “, highlighted the founders of Celeri.

According to the definitions of the specialized agencies, a startup is a newly created or early age company that presents great growth possibilities and markets products and services through the use of information and communication technologies.

During the previous year, 52 startups from Latin America were part of the acceleration process of Y Combinator, one of the largest incubators located in Silicon Valley, “the mecca of technology companies.”

Celeri currently operates in Argentina and Chile, so the momentum of the incubator will favor the arrival of new markets on a global scale. In that sense, the accelerator Y Combinator is known for driving the growth of technology companies. So far, it has accelerated more than 3,000 companies, including Airbnb, Stripe, Coinbase and Dropbox. For its part, Forbes singled out Y Combinator as one of the most successful accelerators in Silicon Valley.

In this way, Celeri will be part of the next batch (W22), in which You will receive mentorship and investments to start growing and expanding into new markets.




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