New Halo Infinite multiplayer map, Streets, looks perfect for close combat

A new Halo Infinite multiplayer map has just been revealed and it looks it will be perfect for fans of close-quarters fighting. 

Called ‘Streets’, the map will be an asymmetrical arena with short sightlines that will favor players that like getting up close and personal in skirmishes.

Streets is set in New Mombasa, which will be a familiar location to any Halo ODST fans. With neon lights illuminating the night, Streets has an art style that sets it apart from the previous Halo maps that were available in the game’s multiplayer test flight.

However, the map still carries a sense of familiarity – based on what we’ve seen it seems to take design cues from the Plaza map in Halo 5, which was a similarly asymmetrical enclosed city space

Even though the arena is fairly closed off you still need to keep your guard up. The maze of interlinked passages will mean that danger can come round any corner, and if you aren’t on your toes you’ll be on the wrong end of a Shotgun before you know it.

The new map has been shown off by IGN as part of their Halo Infinite coverage as we close in on December 8. Alongside this new map, the site teased that it’s had the chance to play the first four hours of the campaign – which means we might shortly find out if all the Halo Infinite delays were worth it.

As the Halo Infinite release date draws nearer expect even more details to be shared (and be leaked) online. Whenever new details come out we’ll be sure to keep you in the know.

Analysis: fun for every kind of player

As with all first-person shooters, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is going to be a hugely important aspect of the game. If the game designers get it wrong they have no hope of keeping players around beyond the first couple of months.

While some more experimental modes have received mixed responses – such as Halo 5’s Warzone matches – in general, Halo’s multiplayer is loved by fans. Players typically praise the weapon variety as well as the mix of engaging objective-based game modes alongside your standard deathmatches.

Based on what we’ve seen and tried out in test flights, so far Halo Infinite multiplayer looks like a return to form for the series. The gunplay is as good as it has ever been and the new Grappleshot traversal mechanics feel fresh without taking away from what makes Halo what it is.

This Streets arena map reveal will give fans more classic Halo gameplay exactly what they’ve been waiting for. We’re sure this isn’t the last of it either, and it might go to show that Halo Infinite’s delay was the best thing that could have happened to the game.

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