New MacBook Pro is already $50 off with Amazon’s early Black Friday deals

We’re barely out of the pre-orders phase but Amazon’s early Black Friday deals have already yielded a price cut on both the new Apple MacBook Pro 14 and Pro 16 – now starting at $1,949.99.

Ok, so $50 off across the board isn’t the biggest price cut in the world, but it’s the first discount from this retailer and to date the lowest price possible on these stunning new ultrabooks.

We’ve seen Amazon do this a few times – namely slightly undercut the launch price on new Apple releases just after the pre-order window closes. It’s a cheeky move in our eyes, especially if you were one of the many who did initially pre-order, but for the late adopters, it’s a good opportunity to get a little discount before Black Friday.

And, we recommend doing so if you’re looking to bag one of these stunning machines before the end of the year. With Black Friday around the corner and the ongoing chip shortages, we expect those delivery times to just go up and up.

Note, Amazon’s technically listing both baseline models as ‘temporarily out of stock’ right now but you can still put your order in. While this retailer hasn’t listed an exact date for a restock, delivery dates on the official Apple Store are currently Nov 17 – Nov 24, so we’d say that seems like a realistic timeframe. 

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New MacBook Pro at Amazon

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