Netflix down: latest updates as service appears to work intermittently


The main support site for Netflix has been unwavering in its certainty that Netflix is up – we’re seeing very different, but this could hint at a minor gremlin rather than huge issues.

Netflix down outage image

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It seems the issue is being solved platform by platform:

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More evidence of the service coming back online from certain users – although others are reporting things are still not functioning for them.

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We’ve just tested Netflix’s speed tester, and that’s functioning just fine. We’ve also streamed HD content from the desktop too.

Netflix speed test

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The desktop experience is returning now – we’re hearing confirmed reports of the service working for more around the globe.

However, the service remains running slowly, it appears.

It seems the problem is slowly resolving, but we’re not seeing an improvement on the desktop environment just yet.

We’ve contacted Netflix for comment.

DD outage proof

(Image credit: Downdetector)

We’re seeing the service stay down on the desktop version, although we are seeing the app remain functioning for some users.

A minute ago, Netflix still wasn’t acknowledging the problem:

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Could that be because the service is already restoring? I’ve just been able to start Squid Game (which I haven’t been able to watch yet because of life getting in the way) on my iPhone.

Currently nothing showing up so far on Netflix support, the help site or on Twitter.

Netflix not working

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This is what people are seeing on the desktop site in the UK – it seems there’s a real outage just when people are settling down to dinner.

We’re seeing different performance across the globe – in California, our writer David Lumb cannot access the service, but two of our team in the NY bureau have commented on the service being up, but slooooooooow.

In the UK, we’re not able to access it, and the app itself is running incredibly slowly.

Twitter is alight with users all wondering what’s happened – we could have chosen many Tweets to show you here, but it’s at a terribly inopportune time to be dropping.

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DD outage netflix

(Image credit: Down detector)

OK – so we think we have a problem here. DownDetector, the site that monitors for service performance, is showing a huge spike in issues.

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