Amazon may launch a wall-mountable 15-inch Echo device Amazon Smart Home devices

When it comes to smart home devices like streaming sticks, smart speakers and smart displays, Amazon’s Echo devices have been successful in grabbing a majority of the market share in the recent past. The company is hosting a launch event tomorrow where it is expected to expand this lineup and introduce more such products.

A report from Bloomberg suggests that Amazon may have been busy creating some more innovative smart home products at its R&D division, also known as Lab126.

While some of these products are expected to be unveiled at the upcoming launch event, the rest might make their way out at a later date. Below are some of the products that Amazon seems to be working on.

Wall-mountable Amazon Echo display 

The Echo Show devices are meant to be placed on a table in the drawing-room, work desk or bedside table making it easy to operate them as well as other smart devices in the house using voice commands. These smart displays are available in various sizes and shapes -including a 5-inch echo show, an 8-inch and one with a 10-inch display.

Amazon is said to be working on a 15-inch smart display that can be mounted on a wall or can be placed on a table using the removable stand. This display is expected to play video content of various OTT platforms, help in cooking and control other smart devices in the home.

Codenames Hoya, this display is expected to come with a custom UI that will have native support for widgets for weather, clock, timers and can be used as a digital photo frame. According to the report, this display is expected to be introduced during the upcoming launch event or early next year.

Alexa-powered Sound Bar 

While there are more than a few Alexa compatible sound bars available in the market, Amazon is, however, reportedly working on one of its kind. Codenamed Harmony, this soundbar is said to come with a built-in camera that can allow users to receive and make video calls using the TV it is connected to.

It goes without saying that the smart soundbar will with Alexa and will help users control other smart devices using their voice commands. It needs to be seen if Amazon announces this soundbar during the upcoming launch event.

Other products 

Apart from the products mentioned above, the report talks about quite a few more smart products that are at various stages of development. To increase its foothold in-car entertainment, Amazon may be looking to upgrade its Echo Auto device.

The new device has been codenamed Marion and is expected to come with various improvements over its predecessor and may be introduced in the launch event scheduled tomorrow.

Aside, the company is also expected to introduce new wearable devices aimed at kids and senior citizens. These wearables will have sensors that can detect sudden falls and monitor their regular activities. There is no clarity on the launch of these products yet. 

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