This Samsung A12 tariff puts flagship phones to shame at just £14 a month Samsung Galaxy A12 deals

If you’re on the hunt for a cheap phone contract, a recent offer from the retailer Chitter Chatter could be perfect. It offers a Samsung handset with a big data cap, far below the prices of most of the brand’s other devices.

This deal offers up Samsung’s Galaxy A12. While it is by no means one of Samsung’s best devices falling into its cheapest brackets, it does offer a really well-rounded performance for its price.

You’ll only pay £14 a month while getting an impressive 30GB of data plan, plus unlimited calls and texts. That kind of tariff would cost you around £35/40 a month on the Samsung Galaxy S21, £35 on the iPhone 12, and even around £26 a month on a more affordable handset like the OnePlus Nord 2.

In fact, this tariff only costs slightly more than buying a 30GB of data SIM plan on its own. If you’re simply after a cheap tariff, you’ll find it tough to beat this for value and phone performance.

This cheap Samsung deal in full:

What’s the Samsung Galaxy A12 like?

Despite its cheap price tag, the Samsung Galaxy A12 has a lot going for it. Mainly, it has a giant battery, beating out most smartphones on the market with a 5000mAh battery – that will easily get you through a day with juice leftover.

Like a lot of more affordable handsets, it also comes with expandable storage and a headphone jack – two factors that are rare on handsets these days. However, to get the lower price, this device does make some sacrifices.

It uses a weaker processing chip than a lot of Samsung’s devices, and the camera performance lags behind some of its similarly-priced competitors. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A12 makes some big cutbacks to afford its price, but for those after a simple smartphone, this will work for you.

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