Food Innovation Solutions hires development team lead Innovation

With more than 11 years of experience across multiple sectors of the food industry, Butt has held senior roles with several food manufacturers and retailers.

FIS managing director Kelly Dowson said: “We are really excited to have Danny join our senior leadership team. He has such a wealth of experience which really enhances our offer at the FIS Group.

Change in the organisation

“I am really looking forward to working with him and step changing our organisation, making us even more relevant to our clients.”

Starting as a chef in various Michelin star restaurants, Butt went on to land a senior development role at ready meals manufacturer Charlie Bigham’s.

From there he transitioned to the brand innovation team at upmarket retailer Waitrose before moving to his most recent role at Carrefour in the United Arab Emirates, where he played a leading role in the planning, development and launch of a new manufacturing facility.

‘Looking at things differently’

Butt added: “It’s a hugely exciting time to be joining FIS group and a privilege to be leading a team which has such a good reputation in the market. The opportunity is there for us to add real value to our clients by looking at things differently.”

Created by chief executive and founder Mike Faers, FIS works with all parts of the food chain to consult on new product development, manufacturing processes, market research and product showcasing – and more.

Food Innovation Solution’s latest appointment followed a number of senior hires across the food and drink industry in the past month.

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