HEALES Holds Conference on Big Data, AI – THISDAYLIVE BIG Data

By Omolabake Fasogbon

Healthy Life Extension Society (HEALES) has pledged commitment towards providing access to health information relevant for healthy living and human longevity.

The society reaffirmed its commitment recently when its announced its forthcoming conference that is anchored on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Healthy Longevity.

Renowned technology experts across the globe have signed their attendance for the knowledge laden event that will hold virtually.

According to the organisers, the goal of the conference is to enable HEALES contribute to creating a system that is trusted by citizens, managed by a public institution or an NGO ,whereby all health data whether anonymised or pseudonymised can be used for scientific research .

It expressed belief that in the future, citizens may be able to share their health data with healthcare providers and authorities of their choice.

Executive Director of Longevity Nigeria, Agbolade Omowole will join other notable speakers from across the globe to impact audience from their wealth of knowledge.

Specifically, Omowole will be speaking on “Application of A.I. and Big Data on Healthy Longevity in Africa and Data Ethics Oversight”

He said, “Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of computers to mimic human like intelligence. With the explosion of data, many information exists that can be leveraged to improve human lives and with artificial intelligence, it will be able to make sense of the billions of health data available.

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