September Update – News – Rust Google Miscellanea

Since the Underwater Labs release, we’ve been following your feedback closely. The majority of feedback was surrounding high loot density and lack of player interaction. We’ve now reduced the map Labs count from 6 to 3, removed red and blue keycard spawns, additionally loot crates will no longer spawn while players are nearby. 

To suit the reduced total number of underwater labs per map, we increased the smallest allowed size per underwater lab. You will no longer find underwater labs that are only a couple of rooms in size, so they should all be worth a visit.

Many of you have certainly noticed that the moonpool water was bullet proof. This was an unintended effect from the complexities of dealing with the water carving volumes and has now been fixed.

Speaking of moonpools, a human sized version has been added in the mix to allow for more points of entry in the labs.

Finally, we addressed a number of small glitches in the procedural generation that could cause corridor, iceberg and vegetation overlaps.

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