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HIT — We liked what we heard Tuesday night when the Chico City Council discussed how they planned to fill their two vacancies.

Councilor Sean Morgan spoke for most of us — at least, we hope — when he said “We need to decrease the polarization. We need people that can govern right out of the gate. I’m not looking for Facebook heroes. I need mature level-headed adults. I think we can find them.”

Mayor Andrew Coolidge also said he hopes the appointments of two qualified councilors can help quiet the “nastiness” that has engulfed Chico politics for so long, adding “We’ve seen the damage it can do to personal lives on both sides.”

In some form or another, personal attacks definitely contributed to the resignations of Scott Huber and Kami Denlay, although the two cases bore little in common. Huber announced on his Facebook page he was taking a summer job in Wyoming, which led to an unforgivable series of attacks on him and his family (and even his Wyoming employer) on social media; Denlay, meanwhile, was discovered to have had a Red Bluff mailing address at a home in her husband’s name since December. (City clerk Debbie Presson told us last week that on June 22, Denlay had changed her voter registration to a new address in District 3, with her mailing address still listed in Red Bluff.)

Huber didn’t try to deceive anybody; Denlay flat-out said she had used “decoy addresses” in hopes of protecting her family’s privacy, but insisted she also had a residence in Chico.

Regardless of any of that, the vitriol directed toward both was so far over the line, it’s no wonder Chico had two councilors resign in the same week for the first time in its incorporated history. Morgan was right; We don’t need “Facebook heroes.” We need responsible adults to move into those positions, and if the conservative-majority council can fill at least one of the two seats with a more-moderate voice, it’ll go a long way toward healing some of the division.

We just hope the nastiness hasn’t scared away all of the potential candidates.

MISS — The vaccination numbers for Butte County were off to a good start but now they’ve seemed to flatline. According to the Centers for Disease Control, only 38.7 percent of Butte County residents are fully vaccinated.

Statewide more than half of people have been fully vaccinated. Butte County needs to catch up.

The delta variant, which is supposed to be more transmissible and severe, has already popped up in Butte County. Now’s the time to get vaccinated so we can overcome this pandemic.

Don’t forget that nearly 200 people have died as a result of COVID-19 in Butte County alone. The number of COVID-related deaths stood at 198 as of Friday.

Those who refuse to get vaccinated because they believe in some silly conspiracy theory or are just simply too lazy are doing their community a disservice by putting others at risk.

Getting vaccinated means your children might be able to go to school maskless once again. Getting vaccinated means life can fully return to normal.

Stop being stubborn and get vaccinated.

HIT — Local female athletes are crushing the game right now. First off, it was great news to see a record number of female drivers competing in the winged 360 sprint car division during the popular Fourth of July race at Silver Dollar Speedway.

Five women — Chelsea Blevins, Angelique Bell, Ashlyn Rodriguez, Mallorie McGahan and Anissa Curtice all competed on that record-breaking day. Blevins was the top female finisher coming in 12th place.

We’re starting to see a movement with more female racecar drivers getting behind the wheel. Take a look for yourself over at Cycleland Speedway just off Highway 99 and see how many girls are racing in the younger divisions.

In the golf world, local standout Jackie Lucena qualified for the U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship which will be held in August.

Many folks in the local golf community are quite familiar with Lucena. She’s a Pleasant Valley High graduate and a three-time Northern Section golf champion and will be competing in her second U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship.

Lucena recently transferred from Division I UC Davis to the University of Florida, the Gators athletic department announced on its website.

MISS — Doesn’t it always seem like the hottest days come on the weekend? This weekend temperatures in Chico are supposed to reach upwards of 114 Fahrenheit.

The National Weather Service considers the heat extreme. These brutal hot days are pretty common in July but they’re not pleasant by any means.

Remember to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. And if you can stay indoors in a cool place. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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