Samsung’s smart home app SmartThings gets a new interface – It’s faster & brighter New interface for Samsung SmartThings app

Samsung has announced that its SmartThings software for mobile and desktop has been updated with a new interface that’s facile to use and delivers better performance and faster load times. Promising a seamless transition from the old interface, Samsung said users will now find controlling their IoT devices that much easier. The colours of the new interface are better and brighter than the previous one.

Jaeyeon Jung, Corporate Vice President at Samsung Electronics, was quoted as saying: “We’ve listened to our customers and have invested in our technology to enhance the user experience to make it simpler.”

The new interface is available for Android devices starting today, and iOS will follow shortly after, the company said. This update follows SmartThings’ recent announcement of its Windows application.

It’s now all down to five sections

SmartThings’ new design will have five sections: Favorites, Devices, Life, Automations, and Menu.

Giving an overview of the new sections, Samsung said: “Favorites is the new home screen within SmartThings and gathers the devices, scenes, and services used most for quicker access.”

In the ‘Devices’ section, users can view and control all devices, connecting TVs, light bulbs, and other appliances.

Life section will give access to new SmartThings services, like SmartThings Cooking.

Automations section will connect all smart devices and allow them to work together and respond to specific conditions in the home, such as a door opening and a light turning on.

Menu section will have additional features including SmartThings Labs, Notifications, History, and Settings.

SmartThings is growing to become one of the most powerful cloud-based smart home platforms.


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