Start and Scale your Intelligent Automation Journey with AI Powered E-Workers AI & Surroundings

Organizations have realized the need for augmenting their human employees with AI to manage manual tasks, given the complexities of a post-Covid world. Designed to work alongside humans, digital workers assist human workers, perform and complete routine tasks just like a human would but much faster.

Built on the convergence of robotics process automation (RPA), conversational artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), intelligent data processing and business process management (BPM),’s digital worker can be easily deployed by any organization using its friendly low-code tools. However, its implementation comes with its own set of challenges, one of which includes not knowing where to start and how to scale.

Download the in-depth whitepaper from that will arm you with:

  • An overview of what low-code, intelligence augmentation solutions are and how they differ from traditional approaches
  • The value of intelligent automation
  • A comprehensive list of e-worker use-cases and applications
  • Key considerations for developing your strategic approach to automation and ensuring it’s aligned to your unique business concerns

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