Virgin, BT and Vodafone are clashing to offer the market’s best broadband deals Broadband deals

There are plenty of great broadband deals out there right now but three offers in particular stand out. Coming from BT, Vodafone and Virgin, one of these fibre plans is likely going to be the best way for you to go for internet right now.

Out of the three, Vodafone offers the best value option with its Superfast Fibre 2 plan. You’re paying £22 a month while getting speeds averaging 63Mb. On top of that, Vodafone will even throw in a £75 voucher to use at Amazon, M&S or Tesco.

If you need something faster, possibly for gaming or a large household, Virgin will be your best option. With speeds averaging 108Mb on its M100 plan costing just £24 a month, this is a fantastic price. Plus Virgin is including a £50 Amazon voucher here.

Finally we have BT. With its Fibre 2 plan, BT charges just £29.99 a month for speeds averaging 67Mb. While it’s the most expensive of the three, it makes up for that with a massive £110 Mastercard with your purchase.

Compare these three fibre broadband deals:

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