given permit to have passenger-carrying autonomous car test in Shenzhen AI & Surroundings

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- Chinese self-driving solution provider has become the first automaker to obtain the permit that allows self-driving cars to carry passengers on the streets in Shenzhen, a positive sign for the company to monetize the technology. Shenzhen road test, China autonomous driving startup, China automotive news’s autonomous car fleet; photo credit: said via its WeChat account on April 23 that it will launch its Robotaxi service to the public from the middle of 2021. The trial operation will start in several small regions where residents can apply for having trial rides via a specific channel , and afterwards extends to other areas across the city with more passengers to be involved.

According to a document issued by Shenzhen’s authorities in August 2020, the autonomous driving cars put into road tests should run for at least 1,000km kilometers without any traffic violation cases or accidents before they are put into the trial operation of Robotaxi service. has met the requirement. Besides, the company also sailed through up to 12 tests for such functions as the recognition and response to pedestrians, non-motor vehicles and traffic lights, and the crossing of intersections and roundabouts. 

Founded in early 2019, is a Level 4 self-driving solution provider to OEMs, tier 1 suppliers, and ride-hailing and logistics companies. It has so far carried out autonomous car tests on open roads of the urban areas in Shenzhen, Wuhan and Hangzhou, accumulating over 1 million kilometers of safe testing mileages.

“’s autonomous cars began carrying passengers and freights in Wuhan and Xiamen last year,” said Liu Nianqiu, vice president of the startup. “For the trial operation in Shenzhen this year, we are well prepared in the working schemes, the contingency plans, and the insurance and safety guarantees,” he added.

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