The latest AMD tech is coming to your Xbox Series X in a blow for the PS5 Xbox Series X

AMD’s FidelityFX technology has been added to the Xbox Series X/S Game Development Kit, according to a VideoCardz report. This will allow developers to implement graphical features on Xbox Series X/S consoles that were previously limited to PC, where FidelityFX was initially made available.

AMD’s FidelityFX tech is adaptive software that offers a variety of image sharpening enhancements for developers to more easily implement into their games. Standout features of FidelityFX include variable shading, screen space reflections and ambient occlusion, all of which add significant visual depth to an image without compromising game performance.

Xbox Series X/S and PS5 consoles are powered by AMD’s RDNA 2 GPUs and Zen 2 processors, meaning that FidelityFX is a logical fit for Sony and Microsoft’s consoles. However, there’s currently no word on whether AMD plans to add FidelityFX support to PS5 game development kits in future, meaning that upcoming Xbox Series X/S titles could have a graphical edge over the competition, at least for now.

Further fidelity

As FidelityFX has only just been added to Xbox Series X/S game development kits, it will likely be a while before we start seeing how AMD’s tech benefits console gaming. However, FidelityFX could represent a breakthrough moment for future Xbox exclusives like Fable, Perfect Dark and Everwild.

FidelityFX could prove to be a huge boon for the Xbox Series S in particular, with supported features like super resolution set to smartly upscale images below 4K. The prospect might make the Xbox Series S console seem less like a halfway house between last generation’s Xbox One X and Microsoft’s flagship Xbox Series X.

Eventually, we’d love to see FidelityFX available to developers on PS5, too. Given that the console features the same AMD processing as the Xbox Series X, we see no real reason to hold the feature back from PlayStation players, especially when exclusives like Demon’s Souls and the upcoming Horizon: Forbidden West show us how graphically impressive PS5 games can be.

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