PS5 restock: get the console this week – exclusive Twitter tracker alerts PS5 restock

The PS5 restock dates for this week are being narrowed down thanks to our restock Twitter tracker that’s sending alerts to people as soon as there’s new stock. The Sony console has been in stock at Target, Best Buy and GameStop in the last week, and we’re due to see it at Walmart and overdue to buy PS5 from Amazon. We’ve helped 10,000 people buy PlayStation 5 – sometimes with exclusive stories about where to find it. Here’s how to know about the next PS5 drop.

Our PS5 Twitter tracker offers the fastest notifications to answer that question: when will PS5 restock? It won’t be today, Sunday, March 28, as most stores, like Walmart, Costco and Best Buy take the weekend off. But new inventory never stops shipping, and we could see the console back in stock as soon as Monday, March 29.

More realistically, April could be a big month for new PS5 restock dates. Sony needs to catch up with demand, which isn’t expected to happen until this summer. But we expect inventory to ramp up throughout April.

PS5 restock alerts from us look like this (as an example):

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2. Know which stores in the US will have PS5 and their potential restock dates

Walmart PS5 restock date and time

The next Walmart PS5 restock date may be Thursday, April 1, according to the recent pattern that the retailer has followed with its consoles drops. We didn’t see a restock this week for the PS5 (only Xbox Series X restock via Microsoft’s All Access bundle). While we think Walmart may stick to its pattern, we also know takes the longest of any retailer to ship the console to consumers, so this date is far from confirmed. We’ll about three hours in advance on Thursday at 12pm EDT, with a usual drop time of Thursday April 1 at 3pm EDT.

What our instant Walmart PS5 restock tracker alert looked like on March 18:

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Best Buy PS5 restock date and time

The rumored Best Buy restock date is Friday, April 2, and that’s the time frame being suggested simply because the retailer is 6-for-6 with a Friday restock of the console. We can’t confirm Best Buy has enough PS5 inventory to go 7-for-7, and we know that last week and the week before saw only the PS5 Disc on sale. We had an exclusive story giving the PS5 Digital Edition a 0% chance of happening. Unwavering is the PS5 drop time as Best Buy – it’s usually between 12pm EDT and 3pm EDT.

Here’s our Best Buy PS5 restock alert from March 26 as an example:

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Amazon PS5 restock date

The overdue Amazon PS5 restock has become the white whale of eager gamers looking to buy the PlayStation 5. We were sent information that the retailer had a PS5 restock date for Thursday, March 18 with 46,000 consoles up for grabs But that scheduled date got shifted, clearly – and we’re not sure why. Maybe it’ll offload those 46,000 console in inventory this week. But really, who knows?

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Target PS5 restock date

This may seem like a long way out, but the next Target PS5 restock date is likely to be Thursday, April 8, according to the pattern that the retailer follows. The restock time may be between 7am EDT and 8am EDT again (we’ve seen that for the last two PS5 drops). Of course, the date and time can fluctuate, so keep we’ll keep you updated as our Target warehouse sources get a better idea of their PlayStation 5 inventory.

Our Target PS5 restock alert will look like (March 11 date shown):

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Antonline PS5 restock

Antonline has publicly stated that it has “drops every week” and that could mean we see a PS5 restock date sometime this week. Nothing is certain, though, as it just had a restock on Thursday, March 25, and its promise of consistent next-gen restocks doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be Sony’s system on sale. Note: Antonline tends to sell out in three minutes, but when it goes on sale, there are no waves or in stock/out of stock funny business with the add to cart button. 

If you get our PS5 restock alerts – like the one below – you have a shot… as long as you appreciate loaded-up bundles. It’s better than paying resellers.

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Sony Direct date and time

The Sony Direct PS5 restock date may be this week, and multiple times this week. It’s Sony’s official store for the PlayStation brand and one of the more fair ways to buy the console: it uses a lottery system to keep bots at bay. You need a PSN account and it’s one PS5 console per address. Its virtual queue is randomized, so we’re always “in line” attempting to reach checkout. 

Our success rate on getting through? About once every other week when there are 3-4 drops per week. Note: we never buy the PS5 in the end, giving up our spot to the next person and just testing it out for reporting purposes to see if it gets any easier or learn new tricks. One trick we’ve learned: while having new tabs open won’t help your chances, using different browsers and different devices is the best way to get the console from Sony Direct.

Here’s what our Sony Direct PS5 restock alert looked like last time (March 22 example shown):

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Sam’s Club and Costco PS5 restock

We’ve seen Sam’s Club and Costco PS5 restock activity each week, but inventory at these US wholesale retailers is always unannounced and extremely limited. Costco requires to be a member to buy a PS5, while Sam’s Club tries to lure you into buying a membership – or allows you to sign up as a guest. At both stores, the PS5 restock lasts about five minutes or less, especially after we tweet about it via our Twitter tracker. But five minutes is a lifetime in this game.

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