Xbox Series X date: Target, Walmart, GameStop and Best Buy – here’s when Xbox Series X stock Target

The Xbox Series X restock date is going to be sent to you through a push notification thanks to our Xbox restock Twitter tracker that has helped thousands of people find the console in stock. Why sign-up? Well, the new Microsoft Xbox often sells out in three minutes or less, and Target, Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop and other American retailers all have different Xbox Series X restock times. 

Here’s how to get those Xbox Series X alerts.

Our Xbox restock alerts look like:

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Why get restock alerts? On average, the Xbox sells out in less than three minutes when retailers don’t hold back and release inventory on waves. That’s why it’s important to get an Xbox restock alert on minute one.

Target Xbox Series X restock date

Analysis: The next Target Xbox restock may happen on Thursday, May 25, if the US retailer keeps to its pattern of doing Xbox drops at 7:45am EDT every week. The time isn’t favorable for people living on the West coast, so don’t disrupt for sleep schedule just to buy a gaming console. Several Target stores we talked to have Xbox Series X inventory, while others do not, and near nationwide stock is required before Target turns on those add to cart buttons. We’ll keep you posted on Xbox shipment intel.  

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Walmart Xbox Series X restock date

Analysis: Thursday, March 25 is the next Walmart Xbox Series X restock, according to an official Walmart spokesperson who gave TechRadar a heads-up last week. And sure enough, the Walmart product page for new Xbox notes that it’ll be back in stock at 3pm EDT on that date. Two things to know: this is for the Xbox All-Access bundle, which puts you on a finance plan for $34.99 a month for 24 months instead of paying for all of its up front. It also includes Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for this price. Second, there’s unlikely to be a PS5 restock at Walmart this week.

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Best Buy Xbox Series X restock date

Analysis: We’re giving the Xbox Series X Best Buy restock date of Friday, March 26 a 60% probability. There are a lot of people ‘confirming’ that it’s happening simply because Best Buy has turned on its add to cart buttons for online order (with in-store pickup in 3-10 days) every Friday for the past five Fridays. It matches the Best Buy pattern, however, the electronics retailer has had less and less inventory of its consoles. This week could be a catch-up week – but if it happens, expect to see the Xbox Series X go on sale around 12pm EDT or 3pm EDT based on past restock dates.

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GameStop Xbox Series X restock date

Analysis: Mid-week is when to start looking out for the next Xbox Series X restock at GameStop, so starting on Tuesday, March 23 through Thursday March 26. GameStop tends to choose late afternoon Xbox drop times. Once, recently, it was in the early evening. The last time the Microsoft console was in stock at GameStop was March 9, so it’s overdue.

Our Xbox Series X restock Twitter tracker alert will look like:

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Microsoft Xbox Series X restock date

Analysis: The official Microsoft Xbox store often has the Series X console in stock throughout the week, however, it sells out in three minutes or less, according to our restock Twitter tracker account. The secret is that some people either cancel their orders midway through the process, or their credit card gets rejected, so do keep refreshing when we send out the Xbox restock alert. You may get lucky in scooping up a console that gets kicked back into the inventory system after five or fifteen minutes. 

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Antonline Xbox Series X restock date

Analysis: Antonline has become the surprise favorite store of gamers since the next-gen consoles launched in November simply because it sends out order confirmation numbers quickly and ships consoles soon after. It also doesn’t play games with its add to cart button during a restock. Once our Xbox Series X restock alert goes out, the bundle is buyable until it’s gone. Just be prepared to pay face value for games and accessories, which we see as a benefit as it turns off resellers.

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