Threadit is Google’s version of TikTok but for work Threadit

In order to make remote working a bit more fun and efficient, Google has introduced a new product called Threadit. This allows users to create and share small video messages within the team for effective communication.

Call it a TikTok but for work, Threadit has been created by Google’s in-house incubator, Area 120. It is available both as a website and as a Chrome extension. Google believes that it is a great way for people to put their point across and helps reduce unwanted meetings yet lets you interact face to face.

In its official blog post, Google states that it is ideal for people who want “to show each other our progress, ask questions or request feedback without needing to coordinate schedules. We have more time to think and do focused work, and the meetings we keep are more effective and easier to schedule for everyone.”

With Threadit, users can record short duration videos of themselves speaking and share them with the team when ready. Team members can reply to the video whenever they’re available regardless of the time zone they’re in, thus creating a chronologically sorted thread of video communication without requiring all of them to be present at the same time.

The sender of the videos can also control how viewers can interact with the video and can give view-only access or allow them to add a new clip in response to the original video.

According to Google, Threadit sits somewhere in between lengthy group video calls and short emails but still has the best of both worlds. The team that created Threadit started working on the project just over a year back before the pandemic changed the way we live and work. Hence, as luck would have it, the team behind Threadit never met personally with each other.

Threadit is currently in a public-bets like phase and is available for anyone to try. The team will assess the feedback and public interest in order to build new features. There could be a standalone app as well in future for people who do not want to rely on mails.

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