Google Meet is getting a small but useful new feature for large scale video calls Google Meet Breakout Rooms

Whether you’re working from home or are already back in the office, Google Meet can enable you to easily connect with your co-workers and clients.

The search giant’s video conferencing software also supports up 100 participants which makes it a good fit for both small businesses and enterprise organizations.

Back in November of last year, Google added the ability to create up to 100 different breakout rooms per call in Meet.

However, deciding who goes into which breakout room and setting them all up can take up valuable time, so for this reason, the company is now rolling out a new feature that will let users setup breakout rooms before starting a meeting.

Setting up breakout rooms in advance

Google Meet users can now set up breakout rooms in advance using Google Calendar which will makes things easier for both teachers and meeting facilitators.

If you’re having trouble getting this feature working, you can check out Google’s support document on using breakout rooms in Meet.

There are no admin controls or end user settings for creating breakout rooms in advance in Meet and this feature is now available for Google Workspace users as well as G Suite business customers.

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