Zebronics launches Alexa powered Smart ZEB-Smart Bot speaker in India Zebronics Zeb-Smart Bot

The market of smart speakers has been on a rise. While we have the Echo devices from Amazon and Google’s Nest audio lineup leading the market, we also have Xiaomi’s smart speaker at the budget end making inroads into the segment.

Taking a cue from the trend, homegrown brand Zebronics has launched a unique new smart home speaker. This new Zeb-Smart bit speaker is powered by Alexa and lets you control smart home appliances while listening to your favourite music using voice commands.

This new smart speaker also comes with a 360-degree IR blaster that helps you control regular or rather non-smart devices as well with the help of voice commands.

Zebronics Zeb-Smart Bot price in India, availability 

The Zeb-Smart Bot is not available to purchase via Amazon India as well as on the Zebronics website. While its official pricing is Rs. 3669, it is already available at a discount on Amazon and can be bought for Rs. 3559 

Zebronics Zeb-Smart Bot features and specifications 

The new Zeb-Smart Bot allows you to control your smart and non-smart devices at home thanks to the built-in Alexa voice assistant and a 360-degree IR blaster.

It comes equipped with dual far-field microphones that offer better audio reception even in the loudest of the environments, the company claims. The speaker can be used to play your favourite music, news, set reminders or control other devices using the hotkey word Alexa. A 5W down-firing speaker handles the audio output on the tiny smart speaker.

Aside, the bundled app allows you to add regular non-smart devices that can be controlled via an IR remote control. Once done, you can even control these appliances including ACs, TV, Soundbars and home theatre systems etc.

Additionally, the Zeb-Smart Bot also comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 that allows you to pair the speaker with your phone, laptop or TV and stream audio content wirelessly. For wireless connectivity, it supports both 2.5GHz and Bluetooth 4.3 and it draws power from a micro-USB port and since you can power it using a power bank, it can double up as a portable smart and Bluetooth speaker.

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