PS5 restock: Sony Direct sold out in 34 minutes – here’s where look Tuesday PS5 restock

The PS5 restock at Sony Direct sold out in 34 minutes on Monday, but now that it’s Tuesday, several other stores in the US are due to have the new console in stock: Target and Amazon are heavily rumored for this week or the coming weeks.

How to get it: Follow us on Twitter for all future PS5 restock notifications – it’s worked for many people over the last week.

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Through Twitter, we’re tracking the next PS5 stock from over a dozen sources. We’ll give you real-time updates about each PS5 restock when US retailers have a new console drop. They don’t last long – sometimes minutes, often seconds.

Monday was the first day for a PS5 restock from Sony Direct this week. The official store for the PlayStation brand usually has new stock of the Sony-made console on weekdays from Tuesday to Friday.

We’re also checking PS5 inventory from other American stores: GameStop, Walmart, Target and Best Buy – a total of 12 US retailers that have carried the new PlayStation 5 on and off. They’re all reliable. Even if you don’t get to buy the console today, there may be a PS5 drop any one of the days this week.

Here’s where else for can check for the PS5:

Recent PS5 restock dates and times

New PS5 stock happened five times in the last week, which is a good indication. In addition to Sony Direct on Monday, we saw the console in stock at Amazon last Tuesday morning at 3am EST, at Sony Direct last Wednesday evening at 6pm EST, and at Best Buy and AntOnline last Friday afternoon.

No, we don’t know the date and time of the next PS5 restock. However, retailers are generally picking the same time for so-called “PS5 drops”. Target likes to surprise us all with 5am-9am restocks, while Amazon does it at 3am EST (their midnight in PST). Sony Direct tends to pick anywhere from 5pm-7pm EST, although it’s been earlier in the past. It’s all quite random, which can be maddening as someone who wants to buy a PS5.

How to buy PS5 from Sony Direct

PS5 restock at Sony queue begins with a countdown time before launching everyone into a virtual queue. The online ordering system then makes you wait an extended period of time before allowing a select few people (chosen at random, supposedly) to buy the system. If you do get through, you’ll have 10 minutes to buy the PS5.

Most people will see “more than an hour wait” from the estimated wait time. For others, they’ll see a queue of just a few minutes.

Both the Disc and Digital PS5 versions are for sale at Sony Direct at the MSRP of $499 and $399 respectively at the above links. Tax isn’t included, so it may cost a bit more.

Here are more rules, according to Sony:

  • First, you will need an active PSN account in order to complete the purchase (you don’t need a paid PlayStation Plus account, but it can get you faster shipping). 
  • Second, you will have 10 minutes to buy the PS5.
  • Third, “PS5 Consoles are now available but are not guaranteed even if you are in the queue,” according to Sony.a

Trust us, it’s serious about buying the PS5 within ten minutes. Make sure you have all of your information ready to go to buy PS5. While we’ve helped a lot of people buy a PS5 by pointing them in the right direction, many have run into issues with the card processing section or getting their address in the field within ten minutes.

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