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Update: The PS5 restock at Sony Direct is ongoing, so there’s a chance you could be able to buy the Sony console today. In fact, we know of people getting it right now.

There’s a PS5 restock at Sony Direct right now for Wednesday, and our PS5 tracking system is one of the first with the breaking news. You may have a chance to buy it in a virtual queue, though a lot of it comes down to luck.

This is the first PS5 restock at Sony Direct this week. The site usually offers the Sony console Tuesdays through Fridays, but here we are on Wednesday with a chance to buy it.

Remember, while the PS5 restock in the US is now in progress on the Sony Direct store, and the queue is choosing people at random to buy the much-sought-after video game console. You’re not guaranteed to get one.

Both the Disc and Digital PS5 versions are for sale at the MSRP of $499 and $399 respectively at the above links. 

As we always warn, getting into the Sony Direct queue doesn’t mean you’ll find the console in stock. Most people will see “more than an hour wait” from the estimated wait time. That’s what the message reads for us. For others, they’ll see a queue of just a few minutes.

Here are more rules, according to Sony:

  • First, you will need an active PSN account in order to complete the purchase. 
  • Second, you will have 10 minutes to buy the PS5. 
  • Third, “PS5 Consoles are now available but are not guaranteed even if you are in the queue,” according to Sony.a

Trust us, it’s serious about buying the PS5 within ten minutes. Make sure you have all of your information ready to go to buy PS5.

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