Get triple data with this Black Friday Huawei P30 Pro deal – just £25/pm for 30GB black friday Huawei p30 pro deal

It’s all about the data, isn’t it – gone are the days of phone deals with limited minutes and texts, and maxing out your data allowance for as little as possible is the name of the game.

So, when we see a deal come along that triples how much data you’ll get per month alongside a seriously capable handset for no added expense, it makes us sit up and take notice. 

Available from the excellent retailer Affordable Mobiles, this Black Friday phone deal on O2 sees the Huawei P30 Pro on sale for just £25 a month with 30GB of data. That price would usually only bag you 10GB, but thanks to Black Friday you’ll get another 20GB absolutely free.

On top of that, while the £99 upfront fee might seem a bit pricey, with the code TR30 you can cut that down to just £69, making this P30 Pro deal very tempting.

The whole Huawei/Google situation is common knowledge, so it’s definitely worth clarifying that the P30 Pro does have access to the Play Store – it was released before any restrictions came into play, so there’s no difference in use compared to any other Android device.

Below we’ll outline this deal in full, so you can see if it’s the Black Friday bargain you’ve been waiting for.

This Black Friday Huawei P30 Pro deal in full:

What’s the Huawei P30 Pro like?

The Huawei P30 family was one of our favourite options when it first launched, providing some impressive camera functionality to compete with Samsung and Apple.

The P30 Pro is the daddy of the line-up, and is arguably the best phone made by Huawei that still has access to Google Mobile Services like the App Store. While successors like the P40 Pro are marginally more powerful, the P30 Pro is the sensible choice if you want access to all your favourite apps – which, let’s face it, you do.

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