You can save 50% on the ugliest RAM in the world with this early Black Friday deal XPG RAM

The best RAM is fortunately still pretty cheap these days. Gone are the days when you’d have to fork over more than 100 bucks just to get a passable amount of system memory. However, high-speed RAM with RGB is still a luxury item – but you can get in on that action for cheap with this early Black Friday deal on the XPG Spectrix D41 – if you can stand the aesthetic. 

Right now you can save 50% on this XPG Spectrix D41 RGB 16GB kit, making it just $64.99 at Newegg. And, while it is ugly, the 3,200MHz speed and CL16-20-20 timings make this a pretty great deal at the price, especially if performance is all that matters to you. 

The heatsink here is this very gamer-y red color with a ridiculous angled design and the edgy XPG Logo in the center. On the top, there’s an RGB lightbar, which is honestly the best-looking thing here. But, because this is ADATA RAM, we would generally trust it, so looks can be deceiving here. 

If you want a RAM kit that looks a little better, with just as much RGB flair, however, Newegg also has the Team T-Force Delta RGB on sale with a bit more of a subdued aesthetic. 

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