Leaked benchmark shows AMD Ryzen 5 5600X overpowering the Intel i5-10600K null

A leaked benchmark of the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU shows it outperforming the Intel Core i5-10600K by a significant amount, raising expectations for AMD’s new line of CPUs set to be released on November 5.

According to TechPowerUp, hardware leaker @TUM_APISAK on Twitter released benchmark scores for the six-core Ryzen 5 5600X from the SiSoftware Sandra testing suite showing some pretty impressive numbers.

The results show that the Ryzen 5 5600X scored a 255.22 GOPS in the processor arithmetic test and a 904.38 Mpix/s in the processor multimedia test. Meanwhile, the Intel Core i5-10600K – Team Blue’s rival CPU – scored a 224.07 GOPS and 662.33 Mpix/s, respectively. 

This makes the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 13.9 percent and 36.5 percent faster than the i5-10600K, respectively. That’s a hefty performance gain over Team Red’s arch-rival if these numbers hold up under further testing.

AMD keeps the heat on Intel

While Intel’s 10th generation Comet Lake processors are impressive, they aren’t that much of a performance boost over Coffee Lake Refresh processors. Meanwhile, the Ryzen 5000-series looks to be a substantial improvement over the current-gen Ryzen 3000-series processors.

We haven’t tested the latest Zen 3 CPUs from AMD, so we can’t say that AMD definitively beats out Intel’s latest CPUs, at least not yet. And it has to also be said that a couple of benchmark scores alone do not a champion make.

Still, it’s indisputable that AMD is coming at Team Blue’s latest processors with a vengeance and they are playing for keeps. Its Zen 3 reveal on October 8 offered some impressive numbers in terms of gaming performance, which is a major selling point for Intel’s latest CPUs. 

Once we test the chip ourselves, we’ll have a better sense of where the state of the race stands, but, without question, Intel has to be feeling the heat from AMD right about now.

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