Israel and UAE to collaborate on AI, cloud computing for COVID-19AI & Surroundings

Abu Dhabi’s Group 42 company, which specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing, is planning to open offices in Israel in order to collaborate on solutions to the coronavirus pandemic, Gulf News reported on Thursday.
The office will act as a gateway for Israeli companies seeking to operate and set up business in the UAE, according to the report. Experts from both countries as part of their operations will focus on healthcare and diagnostic solutions to aid in the fight against coronavirus, utilizing advanced AI research, agritech and water supply solutions.
Peng Xiao, CEO of Group 42, commended the decision to open offices in Israel, saying that “the establishment of the new Israeli office give us access to one of the most vibrant and mature tech ecosystems in the world.” Group 42 also announced that deals were made with prominent Israeli companies, such as Rafael and Israel Aerospace Industries to share knowledge, personnel, technology and resources in order to develops solutions for the coronavirus.
Similarly, Group 42 is expected to develop a partnership with the Israeli startup Nanoscent, which specializes in scent reading technologies, a possible detection method of coronavirus using exhaled nasal air.

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