Get ready for a new Peloton treadmill and exercise bike Peloton bike

If you’re looking to get serious about getting in shape over the coming months, then premium fitness equipment purveyor might have something of interest for you: it’s rumored to be launching a new exercise bike and a new treadmill very soon.

The treadmill will be cheaper and the bike will be more expensive, according to sources speaking to Bloomberg. That means both product lines will have a choice of two pricing levels for consumers to pick from.

Even the more affordable treadmill is still going to cost you quite a bit though, with Bloomberg’s sources suggesting it’s going to be available for just under $3,000 (that’s about £2,255 with a straight currency conversion). The current Peloton treadmill will set you back a hefty $4,295.

Changes coming with the lower-priced model include a simpler tread and a smaller overall form factor, apparently. If you don’t quite have the floor space for the big version, maybe you’ll be able to squeeze the smaller one in somewhere.

Get on your bike

The more expensive bike will up the price from $2,245 (£1,990 in the UK) by an unspecified amount, while the existing bike will drop down to a $1,990 (roughly £1,495) price, Bloomberg says. These devices will be branded as the Tread and the Tread Plus, and the Bike and the Bike Plus.

According to the report, the new gear will come with adjustable screens that enable you to do workouts beside the equipment, not just on it – that will expand the types of programs Peloton can run through its subscription service.

A separate story from The Clip Out suggests that Peloton will add improved support for the Apple Watch to the new bike and the new treadmill, so you’ll be able to sync your exercises and your heart rate with whatever Peloton product you’ve got set up.

These new products are slated to appear in the next week or two, as per Bloomberg, with the bike arriving before the treadmill. If you’re planning to invest in some expensive home fitness gear, maybe wait and see what the new range looks like before deciding what to spend your cash on.

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