Workplace will now let you sign documents and contracts directly within the app DocuSign Workplace Integration

The shift to remote work has forced organizations to quickly transform how they do business which is why DocuSign has built a new integration with Workplace from Facebook to help them share and electronically sign important company documents.

The new integration allows users to quickly access DocuSign eSignature within Workplace from Facebook. This is done through a DocuSign chatbot built into Workplace that provides users with the option to enter a sending or signing workflow and provide agreement notifications within DocuSign eSignature.

Accessing DocuSign from within Workplace Chat can be done with a single click and the integration allows businesses to send, track and manage electronic agreements. Notifications regarding agreements that need to be signed will also show up within Workplace Chat.

Compliance is also simplified thanks to the new integration as signed documents along with a court-admissible audit trail of transactions are automatically archived in DocuSign.

DocuSign eSignature for Workplace from Facebook

In a blog post, DocuSign provides a thorough example of how an HR manager can easily onboard a new employee using the new integration.

The HR manager begins the process of sharing new hire paperwork with the employee by directly accessing the sending workflows within Workplace Chat. From there, they use a template to quickly create and send a set of new hire documents to be signed.

The new employee is then notified via the chatbot that they need to review and sign new hire paperwork. Clicking on the notification takes them to DocuSign eSignature where they can sign the agreements and the HR manager is automatically notified that the new hire paperwork has been signed.

DocuSign’s new Workplace from Facebook integration is now globally available in the service’s integrations directory and the company has also created a guide to help businesses get started using the new integration.

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