Facebook working on feature that would use artificial intelligence to help people in their daily livesAI & Surroundings

Facebook is working on a new feature that will remember everything for you.

Imagine never having to wonder where you left your keys-that’s the goal. Facebook says this could be huge for the way we use artificial intelligence in our daily lives.

The company’s working on a simulator that’ll train A.I. systems to map out rooms using sound waves. So one day that A.I. .assistant can help you track down “lost items,” like a smartphone ringing in a distant room.

Current technology can’t do this, because even though we have smart speakers like “Alexa” they can’t “see” the world around them.

Facebook’s chief technology officer says this is only in the early stage, but thinks it could eventually power products like a pair of smart glasses to help you remember everything from where you left your keys to whether you already added vanilla to a bowl of cookie dough.

In short, he wants to perfect A.I. that can perfect your own memory.

Of course, this all depends on whether the company can convince people to trust Facebook to develop technology that may become deeply embedded in their personal lives.

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