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In this episode of the INSIGHTS podcast, Sudheer Koneru from Zenoti (vertical SaaS solution for the Beauty & Wellness industry operating in the US, the UK, and Australia among other markets), and Anand Jain from CleverTap (customer engagement platform that enables consumer brands to improve their retention and conversion rates) dive deep into their SaaS journeys and tell what it takes to scale a SaaS startup.

Sudheer Koneru and Anand Jain

Anand and Sudheer give a glimpse into their respective startup journeys — skillsets they brought from their previous experiences, new challenges that they were not prepared for, and milestones that marked their journey.

The podcast covers all the different phases of their journeys: from identifying the problem, to going after and building the MVP, to scaling the product, figuring out monetisation, and solving for Sales GTM and funding.

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04:24 — Early days of the startup journey

11:22 — Picking the right mountain and validating it (Vertical vs Horizontal SaaS)

20:40 — Finding the first set of customers

29:55 — Business model and monetising

34:55 — Funding the early phase: bootstrapping vs fundraising

39:20 — Scaling up phase, expanding geographies

48:30 — Advise for early-stage SaaS founders

50:30 — Rapid Fire Round

Anand Daniel is a seed/early-stage venture investor with Accel Partners.

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