How a course in Big Data Engineering from upGrad can help you set your career on the right path BIG Data

Seeing the boom in technology in the last decade, it is sure that ‘data’ is all set to play a huge role in the future. How? The trend right now is that IoT devices like smartphones or smart speakers are getting affordable globally and high-speed internet is reaching to the remotest parts of the world. This has resulted in a huge uptick in the number of ways information organizations collect, manage and analyze. And large internet corporations are usually overwhelmed by such a trend and surely, this is only going to grow in the future!When the volume of the data gets huge enough that it cannot be processed by traditional data processing application software, it is termed as Big Data. Companies are starting to value this and have begun to hire professional who can track Big Data with ease. However, it is not about just keeping a track of Big Data. It is about how you make the appropriate allocation of such data with ease as well as how you combine Big Data with high-powered business analytics to help the organization grow. Here, the expertise of a Data Engineer comes into play. They organize the collection of information, help in processing it and place it in structured storage. Most companies who are on a lookout for Data Engineers have the following requirements:

  • Excellent knowledge of SQL and Python
  • Experience with cloud platforms, in particular, Amazon Web Services
  • Preferred knowledge of Java / Scala
  • Good understanding of SQL and NoSQL databases (data modelling, data warehousing)

Who’s focusing on Big Data?

Big Data is a big deal for industries. For every industry, large or small – using data has become a huge part of the companies. Be it Manufacturing, Retail, Banking, Healthcare, Education, Insurance even the government have professionals working for them to handle Big Data.

So, who are Data Engineers and how can you become one?
As the name suggests, it involves professionals who are associated with data, namely, it’s delivery, storage, and processing. However, the main task of engineers is to provide a reliable infrastructure for data and with the advent of Big Data, their role becomes more pivotal in the current scenario.

So, if you want to become a Data Engineer, whether to learn about how Aadhaar verification works in realtime or how Facebook’s newsfeed personalises suggestions, then you must check out BITS Pilani’s Post Graduate Program in Big Data Engineering powered by upGrad . The 11-month long program is ideal for you to upskill to a world where you know how the world is connected.

Top Skills You Will Learn
Data Processing, MapReduce, Data Warehousing, Real-time Processing, Big Data Analytics, etc.
Job Opportunities
Big Data Engineer, Big Data Admin, Big Data Architect, Big Data Analyst Show Less.
Who is this course for?
IT and Technology Professionals, Project Leads and Managers in IT/Tech Companies, Big Data Professionals and Java Developers and Professionals & of course, Big Data enthusiasts.
Minimum Eligibility
Bachelors Degree with min. of 6 months of work experience and working knowledge of Java.

The upGrad Advantage!
Better learning experience:

BITS Pilani’s Post Graduate Program in Big Data Engineering powered by upGrad is designed in such a way that you get a holistic learning experience. How? Well, thanks to this program you get strong peer-to-peer interaction via discussion forums, quizzes, live polls and much more:

Throughout the program, learners get to interact with managers and teaching assistants. They are there to ensure all your doubts, academic or otherwise, are taken care of. You get feedback on your industry projects across the entire program and develop your big data skills.

Career Coaching
As an upGrad learner, you will get access to career coaching services and get introduced to the right opportunities to upgrade yourself.

BITS Pilani recognition
One of the great things about the program is that after the successful completion of it, you earn a reputed Post Graduate Certification from BITS Pilani. You also receive a program GPA and official transcript from BITS Pilani.
The admissions for upGrad’s Post-Graduate Program in Big Data Engineering are now open. Fresh batch commences on December 30, 2019. If you feel the need to upskill or simply learn about the role of data then click here to apply now.
Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of upGrad by Times Internet’s Spotlight Team.

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