A Baby Fish Crisis, the Terrible Microsoft Surface Pro X, and More News

Fish are dying and Surface users are crying, but first: a cartoon about a modern-day death wish.

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Today’s Headlines

Baby fish are feasting on microplastics, and then getting eaten

A new report shows that some areas off the coast of Hawaii—where predators depend on fish larvae for survival—are packed with 126 times the amount of microplastic as nearby surface waters. Not only do animals confuse these microplastics for larvae, the plastics also find their way into the bellies of the larvae themselves, climbing the food chain all the way up to you and me.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X is an expensive mess. Don’t buy one

Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro X as its fastest and best two-in-one computer in the lineup to date. Don’t believe it. According to our reviewer, the device has major compatibility problems, poor battery life, and stability issues, and at $1000 it’s stupid expensive. So what’s good about it? Free returns.

Fast Fact: 0

That’s how many likes some US Instagram users will be able to see starting this week. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced at WIRED25 that the company would test hiding likes as part of a continuing effort to make Instagram a safer and less toxic corner of the internet.

WIRED Recommends: Gifts For Remote Workers

Working from home sounds awfully dreamy, but as any WFH-er will tell you, the reality is a little less so. Brighten up your favorite remote worker’s life with a gift from this list.

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Here’s how to shut up your gadgets at night so you can sleep.

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