Rudy Giuliani’s Tweets Top This Week’s Internet News Roundup

So, a lot happened last week. Not only did Facebook rebrand by putting its name in all caps, the “OK boomer” meme somehow went mainstream. (Arson Frog took off, too.) Also, the news site Bustle laid off some of its staff, and the editorial director who told writers at Deadspin to “stick to sports” resigned. What else has happened while you’ve been offline? Just this.

Tweet on, Rudy

What Happened: Rudy Giuliani sent some tweets and maybe accidentally threw President Trump under the bus.

What Really Happened: It goes without saying, perhaps, that the role played by President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has been far from invisible. Indeed, as testimony transcripts went public last week, it became even more obvious that Giuliani is at the center of the Ukraine scandal.

As the week started, things looked increasingly bad for the man once known as “America’s Mayor.” So, he decided to speak up. Or, really, tweet up.

That Giuliani was lawyering up was, in itself, news considering that just last month, he was publicly declaring he didn’t need lawyers.

But that was far from the only thing to see in those three tweets. Which might lead one to wonder why he sent them.

If Giuliani thought that he was helping matters, however, the reality is he really, really wasn’t.

You might be thinking that the name of Rudy’s new attorney sounds familiar. If so, that’s because you’ve been paying attention to this story.

The Takeaway: As the Giuliani story continues, there is one very obvious question that people are starting to ask themselves.

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