Photoshop Camera app auto-edits your smartphone snaps so you don’t have to

You might now be able to get full-fat Photoshop for your iPad, but Adobe hasn’t stopped there with its software announcements – a new AI-powered smartphone app called Photoshop Camera will soon automatically edit your snaps for you.

While it isn’t available to download yet, Adobe says Photoshop Camera will be free to download for iOS and Android phones in early 2020.

The app uses Adobe’s Sensei tech, which has already powered Photoshop features like ‘Select Subject’, to automatically recognize subjects in your photo and apply suitable edits.

The idea is to help people who don’t necessarily want to learn the intricacies of software like Photoshop, benefit from its editing powers. Photoshop Camera lets you shoot, edit and share photos all in the same app, using what Adobe calls “real-time Photoshop-grade magic right from the viewfinder”.

Hands-free editing

(Image credit: Adobe)

While it doesn’t offer the depth of standalone apps like Adobe Photoshop Express, the new Photoshop Camera app does claim to offer pretty powerful, automatic editing features. These include the ability to recognize the type of photo you’re taking – for example, portraits, landscapes or selfies – before applying relevant edits at the moment of capture.

Like the full version of Photoshop, the app can also detect the technical qualities of your photos, including dynamic range, tonality and face regions, before applying precise adjustments.

Of course, you may not always agree with the changes Photoshop Camera makes, so it’ll always preserve your original shot. If you fancy taking your edits a step further, there’ll also be the option of applying lenses created by artists like Billie Eilish.

The full version of the app won’t be available until early 2020, but if you’d like to try out a limited version and create your own lenses, you can sign up for Adobe’s Photoshop Camera preview now.

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