Ancient Sippy Cups, A Full-Control Android Hack, and More News

It turns out ancient babies drank animal milk out of teeny cups, a bug in some Android phones gives hackers complete control, and the film Joker broke a box office record. Here’s the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

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Today’s Headlines

Ancient sippy cups could help explain a prehistoric baby boom

A recent study found that prehistoric babies may have drunk milk from ceramic sippy cups. But not just any kind of milk: Researchers found trace amounts of milk from livestock—like cows and goats and sheep—that mothers may have used to wean their babies off of breastfeeding. The clay cups with little spouts begin to show up at around 7,000 BC, coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from bowls to animals.

Photograph: Dr. Katharina Rebay-Salisbury
A bug in popular Android phones gives hackers complete control

Google’s Project Zero discovered hackers are exploiting a major bug in Android phones like the Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S9. Luckily, for the hack to work, it needs either to be paired with a second Chrome browser exploit or the victim needs to download a malicious app. If they do, everything on the device is compromised. Google plans to fix it in a patch this month.

Fast Fact: $96 Million

That’s how much money Joker made at the domestic box office last weekend. The figure means the film sets the record for the biggest October opening of all time, beating out Venom.

WIRED Recommends: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

If you’re a fan of Samsung smartwatches, you know that the newer model, the Active 2, is already out. But no, it’s not a typo that we’re still recommending the first one. Our reviewers liked the new one, but unless you’re desperate for the bigger size and the digital bezel, it’s probably not worth the price hike.

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